A Word From Rosemary

Welcome to the wonderful world of Lavender and to our Lavender Queen, Tina Sams.  Tina is the publisher of The Essential Herbal, one of our favorite herbal journals for its light and refreshing reading as well as it coverage of ‘all things herbal’.  Tina is an excellent writer, and a lover of herbs from way back, so  it was a natural unfolding that she should be publisher of her own herbal magazine.   She graciously offers all of our students a generous discount; check it out below.

And be sure to check out Tina’s great article on Lavender. Its filled with lavenders illustrious history, recipes, growing tips, and Tina’s personal experiences using this “Grandmother Herb’.  

Spring is here, and its time to plant several varieties of lavender in your garden, if you don’t already have some.  Its fairly easy to grow and is great in containers on the patio or in a sunny window. And on the  front steps of any home lavender offers a warm and fragrant welcome to all who enter. 

with you in herbal ways, Rosemary

Essential Herbal Magazine


The Essential Herbal is a bi-monthly print magazine available in the U.S.   They also have a lot of great herbal books, herbal goodies, and necessitates.

Essential Herbal Magazine is offering a 10% discount on the magazine and offerings..  One of the finest Herbal Magazines or something else at www.essentialherbal.com and enter code: SageMtnStudent