All Things Lavender with Tina Sams

Tina Sams loved playing with plants as a child, gardening flowers, herbs, and food in her 20’s, and finally was completely and willingly overtaken by herbs in her 30’s.  Since then, working closely with her sister Maryanne Schwartz, she has co-owned a renaissance faire herb shop (where they acquired the name The Twisted Sisters) as well as a modern-day herb shop, where many of the products were made on site by the sisters.  At the turn of the century, they sold the shops to pursue individual projects, although they still work together nearly every day.

Tina started The Essential Herbal magazine in 2002 while raising her daughter Molly (a recent graduate of the Art and Science of Herbalism course), with about 40 subscribers and not knowing even how to “cut and paste” text from articles into the magazine.  The learning curve was pretty crazy.

She has spoken and presented demonstrations around the country, for small groups up to larger conferences.  The sisters have given hundreds of classes over the years, on topics ranging from incense making, to kitchen cosmetics, to stress herbs, and winter health.

Her books include:

  • Healing Herbs
  • The Healing Power of Herbs
  • The Elder Gathering
  • How to Make Your Own Incense
  • Making Balms & Salves
  • Under the Sun
  • Through the Seasons
  • By the Hearth
    and several others…