An Old Fashioned Christmas

with Rosemary Gladstar

SageHoliday2Welcome to a warm, cozy day by the wood stove, to hot, spicy apple cider & cinnamon, and my mom’s apple cake. And welcome to the spirit of Christmas. I sincerely hope these delightful items you learn to make today will become treasures for your friends and in some small magic way help recreate the holidays as a festivity from the heart.


Three Wise Men

Once upon a time in a world long forgotten

there were no bionic men dolls, no robots with ray guns,

no Barbies, no Burpies, no flashlights or blenders,

no tape decks that played back the voice of the sender.

Christmas tree candles couldn’t all blink sequentially,

battery powered buglers couldn’t oompah perpetually,

stockings were smaller, their stuffings were simple:

a hand knitted scarf, a hand whittled whistle.

Why did people still cherish the holiday season?

We’re not really certain, but we think that the reason

that there was still laughter without all these toys

is that there was still love, and it’s love that brings joy.




May you have a joyful holiday!

About the recipes –

To make it easier for you to enjoy the day. I have written out basic recipes. These recipes are not meant to be complete and will need little sub-notes and additions. They are meant to serve as the outline only. As much as possible, ingredients are inexpensive and easily found in your market, garden, kitchen closet, or local herb shop and health food store. I have also arranged items in gift sets to give you ideas of how things can be done, but items can be given singly or rearranged, of course.

Cosmetic Gift Set

Contains: Facial Herbs, Lip Balm, Facial Scrub, Essential Oil, Queen of Hungary’s Water, Complexion Tea, Cosmetic Cream, Facial Sponge, Cosmetic Soap

Facial Herbs for Steams

Formula 1
  • 1 part Chamomile
  • 1 part Roses
  • 1 part Lavender
  • 1 part Comfrey
  • 1 part Calendula

Facial Herbs for Steams

Formula 2
  • 2 parts Comfrey
  • 1 part Calendula
  • 1 part Sage
  • ¼ part Rosemary
  • 1 part Eucalyptus

Facial Scrub

    1 part Almonds

    1 part Oats

    1 part Clay

    ¼ part Cornmeal

    Optional Herbs: (one or more) Lavender, Roses, Cinnamon, Sandalwood.

    Essential Oil

Grind oats and almonds in nut grinder or blender. Mix with clay and cornmeal.

Queen of Hungary’s Water

    2 parts Roses

    2 parts Chamomile

    4 parts Lemon Balm

    1 part Orange Peel

    1 part Sage

    1 part Rosemary

Cover with red wine, apple cider vinegar, or witch hazel extract for two weeks. Strain. Add 1 part rosewater to two parts herb vinegar.

Lip Balm

    1 cup apricot or almond oil

    ¼ cup beeswax

    1 tablespoon honey

    Flavoring oil and 10,000 I.U. vitamin E oil

Optional: Alkanet root and comfrey

Cream and Lotion

    2 tablespoons Coconut Oil

    1 teaspoon lanolin

    2 tablespoons apricot oil

    4 tablespoons aloe vera gel

    2 tablespoons jojoba oil

    2 tablespoons rosewater

    1 thin shaving beeswax

    essential oil

This one you have to watch carefully. Though simple, it’s tricky, but well worth the effort.

Complexion Tea

    1 part Chamomile

    2 parts Hibiscus

    ¼ part Parsley

    2 parts Rosehips

    1 part Nettle

    ½ part Orange peel

    1 part Alfalfa

    1 part Cinnamon

    2 parts Lemon Grass

    2 parts Fennel

Hair Gift Set

Contains: Henna, Rosemary Oil, Herbal Shampoo, Jojoba Oil, Herbal Rinse, Brush, Garland, Hair comgs.


    2-4 ounces of chosen shade, with instructions and /or a date to do it for your friend.

Herbal Shampoo

    1 ounce Jojoba

    4 ounce Liquid Castile soap

    8 ounces Herbal Tea

    ½ teaspoon Rosemary Oil

    ½ teaspoon Lavender Oil

Formula 1 (for dark hair)

    1 part Sage

    1 part Yarrow

    1 part Rosemary

    1 part Cloves

    1 part Comfrey

    1 part Nettle

Formula 2 (for light hair)

    2 parts Chamomile

    1 part Calendula

    1 part Comfrey

    1 part Safflower

    1 part Yarrow

Herbal Hair Rinse

  • Place herbs in large glass jar (see list above) and cover with apple cider vinegar. Put lid on and let sit in a warm place for two weeks. Strain. To use place ¼ cup vinegar rinse in 1 quart warm water. Shampoo, rinse out soap, rinse with vinegar rinse, then follow with plain water.

Deluxe Bath Gift Set

Contains: Bath Herbs, Bath Salts, Lotion, Hair Rinse, Body Powder, Dream Pillow, Soap, Incense, Candle, Loofa Mitt.

Bath Herbs

    Formula 1

    1 part Sage

    1 part Bay

    1 part Ginger

    1 part Eucalyptus

    2 parts Peppermint

    1 part Rosemary

Formula 2

    2 parts Lavender

    2 parts Roses

    2 parts Chamomile

    2 parts Hops

    1 part Linden

    2 parts Comfrey

Dream Pillow ( a must for everyone)

    1 ounce Hops

    2 ounces Mugwort

    1 ounce Chamomile

    1 ounce Roses

    1 ounce Lavender

    and Essential Oil.

Bath Salts

    1 cup Borax

    ⅛ cup Sea Salt

    ¼ cup Clay

    Essential Oil

Massage Gift Set

Contains: Massage Oil, Massage Cream, Candle, Incense, Relaxing tea, Massage book.

**Gift card for a massage date!

Massage Oil

Formula 1

    2 parts Wintergreen

    1 part Peppermint

    1 part Clove

    1 part Cinnamon

    2 parts Bay

    1 pint apricot or almond oil

    2 ounces Herbal Formula

    Essential OIl

Massage Oil

Formula 2

    1 part Comfrey

    2 parts Lavender

    2 parts Roses

    1 part Chamomile

    1 part Calendula

    1 pint apricot or almond oil

    2 ounces Herbal Formula

    Essential Oil

Massage Cream

Richer than an oil, lighter than a cosmetic cream

    2 tablespoons coconut oil

    4 tablespoons apricot or almond oil

    1 teaspoon lanolin

    1 teaspoon jojoba

    essential oil

Relaxing Tea

Soothing, relaxing blend for before or after the massage.

    2 parts Spearmint

    2 parts Lemongrass

    2 parts Chamomile

    1 part Passion Flower

    2 parts Roses

    1 part Linden

    ½ part Lavender

    ½ part Scullcap

Men’s Gift Set

Contains: Aftershave lotion, Body powder, Lotion, Male Toner Tea, Shaving Brush, Shaving Soap, Male Elixer

Bay Rum Aftershave

    1 pint Rum

    Bay Leaves (fresh preferred)

    Whole Allspice



Spicy Body Powder

    1 cup white clay

    ½ cup cornstarch

    sandalwood powder

    musk essential oil


See previous recipe Scent with musk, wood spice, unscented.

Male Toner Tea – Delicious!

    2 parts Sassafras

    1 part Licorice

    2 parts Ginger

    1 part Orange Peel

    1 part Sarsaparilla

    1 part Prince Ginseng

    2 parts Cinnamon

Male Elixer – for the man who has everything!

    2-3 roots Ginseng

    2 ounce Fo-Ti-Tieng

    1 ounce Ginger

    1 ounce Damiana

    ¼ oz Saw Palmetto Berries

    1 root Astragalus

Cover with 1-2 pints Brandy. Let sit for 3-4 weeks. Strain. For each pint of Brandy add 1 cup pur fruit concentrate (by Hains). Take 1 tablespoon daily. Yum! Stars*************and fireworks**********************

Culinary Gift Set

Contains: Curry Blend, Chili Blend, Herbal Vinegar, Mortar and Pestle, Italian Blend, Garlic Herb Butter, Pickled Garlic, Herb cookbook.

**Maybe after you make the delicious blends you will want to make your own.

Curry Blend

    1 part Tumeric

    1 part Coriander

    ¼ part Pepper

    ¼ part Ginger

    1 part Cumin

    1 part Cardamom

    Chili (depends on heat)

    ¼ part Black Mustard Seeds

Italian Blend

    2 parts Basil

    1 part Thyme

    1 chopped onion

    2 part Parsley

    1 part Oregano

    1 part Garlic granules

    ½ part Fennel

Garlic Herb Butter

    Melt butter, add chopped or powdered herbs, garlic, basil, parsley, thyme. Simmer over low heat. Pour into pretty glass bowl or plastic container.

Herbal Vinegar

    White, red, wine or apple cider vinegar. Sprigs of fresh herbs: basil, garlic, oregano, thyme, cayenne, whole black pepper, marjoram.

Pickled Garlic

for the friend who has everything!

    Peel whole cloves of garlic and put in a small jar. Make sauce by mixing together equal amounts of tamari and honey. Pour this sauce over garlic and let age 3 weeks or longer.

Thanks you friends. May the peace, love and joy of the Christ Child fill our hearts this Christmas Holiday. Love,

Rosemary Gladstar