It’s winter and definitely time for Trademark Free Fire Cider! This years flu season has been setting records! Make sure to get your Trademark Free Fire Cider brewing! Its one of the best tonics to keep you healthy during the winter months and to ‘keep the bugs at bay’. And while you’re at it, try this great recipe for Trademark Free Fire Cider from Mountain Rose and my Fire Cider chutney

Reclaiming the Honorable Harvest TED Talk (Video)

Are you in need of a little plant wisdom today? Some hope and encouragement, something uplifting and motivating? Please listen to this wonderful Ted Talk by Robin Wall Kimmer. Robin is a botanist, herbalist, author, and member of the the First Nations tribe of Potawatomi. Her book, Braiding Sweet Grass is a best seller and a must read for all herbalists! I had the lovely opportunity to meet Robin at the 2017 International Herb Symposium where she gave an inspirational and uplifting keynote talk. She speaks truthfully, deeply, from the heart and her message is not only uplifting and inspirational, but also hopeful and motivating. She inspires us to listen deeply to the plants and to learn from them; their wisdom and guidance is needed now.

The Fine Art of Making Herbal Tea

By Rosemary GladstarJudging by the number of herbal beverage teas on the market, tea drinking has become a national passion. Perhaps because of the continuing awareness of health and fitness, or perhaps just become herb teas offer a refreshing break from the usual...

Guest Herbalist Charis Lindrooth, D.C.

Charis Lindrooth, D.C. is an herbalist and chiropractor with a busy practice in Pennsylvania. For more than 20 years she has helped patients work with plant medicine and natural methods to restore well-being on all levels. She has dedicated many hours studying the...