Herbal Healing for Men Remedies & Recipes

“Rosemary Gladstar’s remarkable, user-friendly guide will help you enjoy greater vitality, virility and longevity”~ David Winston, clinical herbalist and co-author of Adaptogens, Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Release

Announcing the release of Rosemary Gladstar’s newest book

Herbal Healing for Men
Remedies & Recipes

(Published by Storey Publishing, 2017)

In this brilliantly simple, inspiring and eminently practical book, Rosemary introduces you to herbs, remedies and recipes specific for the male body.  Going on the premise that health care involves self care and that the best insurance is knowledge, Rosemary outlines herbal protocols specifically for men, addressing the most common issues and health challenges they face.   With an emphasize on prevention and using herbs to create and sustain well being, Herbal Healing for Men covers herbs for vitality and endurance, sexual vigor and reproductive health, anxiety and stress relief, prostate health, cardiovascular and heart health, and a host of other relevant topics.   Filled with delicious new recipes and remedies specifically for men!

Herbal Remedies for Men is now available at bookstores, Amazon, and online at www.sagemountain.com for $16.95 (208 pages, Storey Publications, North Adams, Ma)




Rosemary clearly listens to the men in her life; her advice comes from the heart, leading us through the modern maze of nutrition, supplements, herbs and superfoods with precision and humor”

Guido Mase’

Clinical Herbalist and author of The Wild Medicine Solution

This wonderful, kind introduction to herbs can help men remain healthy throughout their lives” 

Stephen Harrod Buhner

Best selling author of Herbal Antibiotics, The Lost Language of Plants, and many other excellent books

Herbal Healing for Men Remedies & Recipes

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