Recipes For Children’s Products

I wanted to share some of my favorite recipes for baby products with you. All are 100% natural and are easy and fun to make.

Sleep Pillow

Create a very special sleep pillow to soothe your infant into a calm, peaceful sleep. These herb pillows have proven helpful to children who have trouble sleeping deeply and restfully.

To make: 

Mix equal amounts of chamomile, lavender, roses, and hops together. Use about 4 – 6 ounces of herb per pillow and sew into an 8 x 8 inch cotton pillow. Use soft natural fabric for your pillow covering; flannel is wonderful! Place near baby’s head to help with a peaceful, aromatic sleep.

Baby’s Bath Herbs

Use the following mixtures in the bath water. Place herbs in a cotton cloth bag and allow to steep in the water. Use the fragrant herbal bag for a wash cloth. 

To Make:

1 part Rose
2 parts Chamomile
2 parts Calendula
1 part Lavender
2 parts Comfrey


Mix together and use about 1 small handful for each bath.

Please Note: it is not recommended to make Dream Pillows (see recipe) as children are already so full of dreams and it can make for a restless night of sleep.

Baby Salve

This is my very favorite salve recipe for diaper rash, cuts and scrapes, and irritated skin.

1 part Comfrey leaf
1 part Comfrey root
1 part St. Johns Wort flower

1 part Calendula flower

To Make: By now you know how to make a good quality salve.  For review see Lesson 2.

Baby Powder

For an excellent daily baby powder mix the following ingredients together:

2 parts White Clay (Available in natural food stores and ceramic supply stores)
2 parts Arrow root powder
¼ part Slippery Elm powder
¼ part Comfrey root powder

To Make: Mix the powder together and place in a shaker bottle such as a spice jar. You may wish to lightly scent your baby powder but use only pure Essential oils and be certain it is non-irritating to a child’s sensitive skin. Orange oil is light and refreshing and often used as the scent for baby powders.

For diaper rash: To the above mixture, add 1/8 part Golden Seal powder, 1/8 part Myrrh powder, and 1/8 part Echinacea. Apply as a powder, or mix into a thin paste and apply as a poultice to the rash.

Baby Oil

This is an excellent all purpose oil and is wonderful to rub on baby after baths. It makes great massage oil for babies also.

1 pint Apricot or Almond Oil
1/2 oz Roses
1 oz Chamomile
1/2 oz Comfrey

To Make: Mix herbs and oil together and let sit in a glass jar with tight fitting lid for 2 weeks. In a double boiler, slowly warm the mixture over very low heat for one hour. Strain and bottle. You may lightly scent with a pure essential oil such as chamomile or orange oil.