The Science & Art of Herbalism

The Science & Art of Herbalism Online Course

You will find a wealth of information contained within these lessons. This is a hands on practical course that’s designed to introduce you to the world of herbs. It will take you into your kitchen, gardens, weedy lots, herb stores and apothecaries ~ and if you’re lucky enough, the woodlands, fields, mountain tops and seashores to look for plant medicine. There will be lots to entertain and engage you in the world of plants. Each individual finds certain areas in these lessons that deeply attracts them and may find they have a certain ‘knack’ for one thing and not another. Not to worry; that’s exactly what this course is designed to do ~ introduce you to a ton of things about herbs and plant medicine ~ and allow you to find those things that your heart most embraces. But don’t hesitate to try the unfamiliar…it’s in the landscape of the unknown that often the greatest treasures lie!

Course Curriculum

The Science & Art of Herbalism
Module 1 Lesson One
Unit 1 A Letter From Rosemary Gladstar
Unit 2 Lesson One Table of Contents
Unit 3 Introduction to Rosemary Gladstar's Science & Art of Herbalism Online Course
Unit 4 A Little About Your Teacher : Rosemary Gladstar
Unit 5 Begin in the Garden: Interview with Rosemary Gladstar
Unit 6 How The Lessons Are Arranged
Unit 7 Recommended Books & Resources
Unit 8 Build Your Own Apothecary
Unit 9 Where to get Good-Quality Herbal Products
Unit 10 How To Determine Good-Quality Herbs
Unit 11 How to Store Your Good-Quality Herbs for Maximum Shelf Life
Unit 12 An Introduction to Herbalism Chapter One
Unit 13 Herbs or Allopathic Medicine
Unit 14 Herbal Preparation
Unit 15 Herbal Therapeutics for the Nervous System
Unit 16 The Nervous System
Unit 17 Addendum: The Nervous System
Unit 18 Some Favorite Herbal Nervine Formulas
Unit 19 General Suggestions for a Healthy Nervous System
Unit 20 Materia Medica For the Nervous System
Unit 21 Wild Plant Identification: "St John's Wort"
Unit 22 More on St John's Wort
Unit 23 United Plants Savers ~ Saving our Precious Plant Resources
Unit 24 Sample Materia Medica
Unit 25 Lesson One Projects & Assignments
Module 2 Lesson Two
Unit 1 Lesson Two Table of Contents
Unit 2 Beverage Blends: The Art of Making a Great Cup of Tea
Unit 3 Sweet Surrender Tea Blend
Unit 4 How to Create Beverage Blends
Unit 5 Kava Chai
Unit 6 The Man Who Planted Hope
Unit 7 Terminology Used to Describe the Medical Action of Herbs
Unit 8 How to Determine Measurements for This Course
Unit 9 Herbal Preparation: Herbal Oils
Unit 10 Herbal Preparation: Salves, Ointments & Balms
Unit 11 Solvents
Unit 12 Herbal First Aid: Skin Problems & What to do about Them
Unit 13 Herbal Therapeutics for the Liver
Unit 14 Everyone's Favorite Root Beer
Unit 15 Hayfever & Allergies
Unit 16 Metabolism, The Liver & Herbs
Unit 17 Spring Cleaning for the Body: Cleansing Through Herbs, Diet and Fasting
Unit 18 Wild Plant Identification: Mullein
Unit 19 The Art of Harvesting Herbs
Unit 20 Lesson Two Projects & Assignments
Module 3 Lesson Three
Unit 1 Lesson Three Table Of Contents
Unit 2 Science Versus Art: A Dilemma Unfolding
Unit 3 The Sustainable Herbalist; The Sustainable Life
Unit 4 Herbal Preparation: Tinctures, Liniments, Capsules & Pills
Unit 5 Dr. Kloss’s Famous Disinfecting Liniment
Unit 6 Herbal Therapeutics : The Respiratory System
Unit 7 Addendum: The Respiratory System
Unit 8 Materia Medica for the Respiratory System
Unit 9 When to Treat the Respiratory System
Unit 10 Suggested Programs to Follow During Respiratory Infections
Unit 11 The Fine Art of Drying, Harvesting and Storing Herbs
Unit 12 Herbal Identification: Comfrey (Symphytum officinale)
Unit 13 Creating Effective Herb Formulas for Health & Healing
Unit 14 Lesson Three Projects & Assignments
Module 4 Lesson Four
Unit 1 Lesson Four Table of Contents
Unit 2 The Science & Art of Herbalism: Lesson Four
Unit 3 "The Successful Herbalist" by Juliette de Bairacli Levy
Unit 4 The Greatness of Being an Herbalist
Unit 5 Herbs for Children
Unit 6 Which Herbs are Safe for Children
Unit 7 Materia Medica for Children
Unit 8 How to Determine Dosage for Children
Unit 9 How to Administer Herbs to Children
Unit 10 General Formulas for Strengthening and Building Healthy Systems in Our Children
Unit 11 Herbal Remedies For Children's Health Problems
Unit 12 Recipes For Children's Products
Unit 13 The Major Chemical Constituents of Plants
Unit 14 Herbal Therapuetics: The Urinary System
Unit 15 Herbs for the Urinary System
Unit 16 Materia Medica for the Urinary System
Unit 17 Healthy Kidneys
Unit 18 Common Imbalances of the Kidneys
Unit 19 Basic Aromatherapy
Unit 20 Essential Oils
Unit 21 Aromatherapy Charts
Unit 22 Herbal Dreams
Unit 23 Wild Herb Identification: Dandelion (taraxacum Officinal)
Unit 24 Herb Directory
Unit 25 Foundations of Health
Unit 26 Deep Sleep TIncture
Unit 27 Lesson Four Projects & Assignments
Module 5 Lesson Five
Unit 1 Table of Contents
Unit 2 Herbal Pet Care
Unit 3 Materia Medica for Pet Care
Unit 4 Herbal Preparation: Charmoon's 6th Chakra Sauce
Unit 5 Common Health Problems of Animals
Unit 6 The Sciences of Herbs
Unit 7 Compresses & Poultices
Unit 8 Herbal Stimulants
Unit 9 Herbal Stimulants: Materia Medica
Unit 10 Stevia And Guarana
Unit 11 The Integumentary System
Unit 12 Natural Cosmetics
Unit 13 Traveler's First Aid Kit
Unit 14 Making Your Herbal First-Aid Kit
Unit 15 Lavender Antiseptic & Calming Spritzer
Unit 16 Herbal Remedies for Radiation
Unit 17 Rosemary’s Famous Face Cream
Unit 18 Magical Cleansing Miracle Grains
Unit 19 Peppermint Tooth Powder & Herbal Dental Care
Unit 20 Addendum: The Integumentary System
Unit 21 Addendum: Traveler's Herbal First Aid Kit
Unit 22 Wild Plant Identification: Chickweed (Stellaria Media)
Unit 23 Lesson Five Projects & Assignments
Module 6 Lesson Six
Unit 1 Table of Contents
Unit 2 The Women’s Reproductive System
Unit 3 Herbs For Women's Health
Unit 4 Books on Women's Health
Unit 5 Women's Ceremony and Ritual
Unit 6 Herbs for the Female Reproductive System
Unit 7 General Guidelines for a Healthy Female System
Unit 8 Specific Treatments for Common Health Problems
Unit 9 Pregnancy and Childbirth
Unit 10 Menopause and Croneship
Unit 11 Addendum: The Women’s Reproductive System
Unit 12 Lesson Six Projects & Assignments
Module 7 Lesson Seven
Unit 1 Table of Contents
Unit 2 Creating Medicinal Formulas
Unit 3 Creating a Medicinal Herbal Formula
Unit 4 Examples of Formulation and Exercises to Do
Unit 5 Herbs for Winter Health
Unit 6 Favorite Winter Time Recipes
Unit 7 Herbal Pills: Throat Balls
Unit 8 Honey Onion Syrup
Unit 9 Herbal Remedies for Winter Health Problems
Unit 10 Gypsy Cold Tea Care
Unit 11 Traditional Fire Cider Recipe & Benefits Guide with Rosemary Gladstar (Audio)
Unit 12 Fire Cider
Unit 13 Herbal Therapeutics for the Male Reproductive System
Unit 14 General Guidelines for Male Health Care
Unit 15 Materia Medica For The Male Reproductive System
Unit 16 Herbal Tonics For The Male System
Unit 17 Specific Health Problems Related to the Male System
Unit 18 The Endocrine System
Unit 19 Herbs & Health Care For Males by James Green, Herbalist
Unit 20 Wild Plant Identification Yellow Dock (rumex crispus)
Unit 21 Addendum: The Endocrine System
Unit 22 Lesson Seven Projects & Assignments
Module 8 Lesson Eight
Unit 1 Table of Contents
Unit 2 Herb Gardening
Unit 3 The Basics of Gardening
Unit 4 Recommended Books On Herb Gardening
Unit 5 Designing The Herb Garden
Unit 6 The Culinary Garden
Unit 7 Recipes For Your Culinary Garden
Unit 8 The Medicinal Garden
Unit 9 The Medicine Wheel Garden For The Various Body Systems
Unit 10 How I Built My Herb Garden by Dorothy Brightbill
Unit 11 Zigzag to Success
Unit 12 Gardening Products, Herb Seeds And Plants
Unit 13 Making Your Own Herbarium
Unit 14 Making a Plant Press
Unit 15 Herbal First Aide: Infestations
Unit 16 Herbal Preparation: Vitamin and Mineral Formulas
Unit 17 Herbal Therapeutics: The Digestive System
Unit 18 The Digestive System
Unit 19 Notes on the Digestive System
Unit 20 Materia Medica for Lesson Eight
Unit 21 Imbalance of the Digestive System and Corresponding Herbal Treatments
Unit 22 Herbal Pills: Ginger Balls
Unit 23 Lesson Eight Projects & Assignments
Module 9 Lesson Nine
Unit 1 Table of Contents
Unit 2 Preventive Health: Developing a Personal Health Program
Unit 3 Designing a Personalized Health Program
Unit 4 Your Personal Health Profile
Unit 5 How To Build An Effective Protocol
Unit 6 Clinical Mock Up Cases
Unit 7 Herbs For The Cardiovascular System
Unit 8 Sprinkles For the Heart
Unit 9 The Cardiovascular System
Unit 10 Chaga Chai Latte
Unit 11 Spring Cleaning for the Body, Mind and Spirit
Unit 12 Legal Herbalism
Unit 13 How to Handle an FDA or State Inspection
Unit 14 Legal Aspect of Herbal Prescribing
Unit 15 The Question of "Safe" and "Unsafe" Herbs
Unit 16 Herbs Are Often More Toxic Than Magical
Unit 17 Are Herbs Really Safe to Use; Could our Ancestors have been Wrong?
Unit 18 Food for Thought
Unit 19 Lesson Nine Projects & Assignments
Module 10 Lesson Ten
Unit 1 Table of Contents
Unit 2 Sageing Graciously: Herbs for Longivity and Well Being
Unit 3 Wild Herb Identification
Unit 4 Wild Food Cooking
Unit 5 The Recipes
Unit 6 Flower Essences
Unit 7 Directions for Making the Flower Essences
Unit 8 Rescue Remedy
Unit 9 Bach Flower Essences
Unit 10 Foods For Immune Health
Unit 11 Immune System = Is = it Just Is
Unit 12 The Immune System
Unit 13 Fu Zheng: The Art & Science of Herbal Tonification
Unit 14 Materia Medica for the Immune System
Unit 15 Resources for Continuing Your Herbal Studies
Unit 16 The Oath Hippocrates
Unit 17 Parting Words
Unit 18 Major Chinese Herbs and the Immune System
Unit 19 The Way of Herbs
Unit 20 Chia Seed Pudding
Unit 21 Medicinal Basil Pesto
Unit 22 Addendum: Foods For A Healthy Immune Health
Unit 23 Lesson Ten Projects & Assignments

Read what some of our graduates say!

“This course has empowered me to live my passion for herbs and has helped me open my eyes more fully to the harmony and integrity of the natural world. I was sorry when it ended.“

“I am loving the online class; it’s really exciting to have access to all of this information, and to have a structure to follow to keep me move along, experimenting, and learning!”

“As for the class, I love it. I love the readings, its format and the assignments. I wasn’t sure initially how well I would learn about herbs online; surprisingly, however, I found it easy to learn and very informative! “

“The site is wonderful. I love the idea of being able to post a question and get feedback from you or other students. The site is easy to navigate and there are so many wonderful things to explore.”

“I loved this course! Truly one of the best courses of studies I’ve undertaken. It was interesting, full, and really wonder­ful!”

“A great deal of introspection was involved in this course. I feel like not only was the brain fully engaged, but the physical, emotional and spiritual parts were involved as well. Your course reaches the heart and soul of herbalism.”

“This course has been a turning point in my life. I feel more in control of my body and my health and have opened my eyes more to everything around me. I feel so alive, so empowered, and so connected to the green world.”

“I am loving the online class; it’s really exciting to have access to all of this information, and to have a structure to follow to keep me move along, experimenting, and learning!”

“Taking this course has been one of the most worthwhile studies I have ever undertaken. It has sparked within me a love and respect for herbs and has opened many new doors. Excellent all the way.”