Lesson Nine

These Lessons were written in response to numerous requests from students who were unable to attend my classes. Organized in much the same manner as the classes I developed and taught at the California School of Herbal Studies, the Lessons are an amalgamation of the scientific and research techniques of modern herbal studies blended with the rich folkloric heritage of herbology. The Science and Art of Herbalism has proven an excellent, comprehensive course that teaches the foundations of herbalism.

Module 9 Lesson Nine
Welcome to Lesson Nine! In this lesson, you will learn about developing personal health programs, the legal aspects of herbalism and herbal safety.
Unit 1 Table of Contents
Unit 2 Preventive Health: Developing a Personal Health Program
Unit 3 Designing a Personalized Health Program
Unit 4 Your Personal Health Profile
Unit 5 How To Build An Effective Protocol
Unit 6 Clinical Mock Up Cases
Unit 7 Herbs For The Cardiovascular System
Unit 8 Sprinkles For the Heart
Unit 9 The Cardiovascular System
Unit 10 Chaga Chai Latte
Unit 11 Spring Cleaning for the Body, Mind and Spirit
Unit 12 Legal Herbalism
Unit 13 How to Handle an FDA or State Inspection
Unit 14 Legal Aspect of Herbal Prescribing
Unit 15 The Question of "Safe" and "Unsafe" Herbs
Unit 16 Herbs Are Often More Toxic Than Magical
Unit 17 Are Herbs Really Safe to Use; Could our Ancestors have been Wrong?
Unit 18 Food for Thought
Unit 19 Lesson Nine Projects & Assignments