The Science & Art of Herbalism : Lesson One

These Lessons were written in response to numerous requests from students who were unable to attend my classes. Organized in much the same manner as the classes I developed and taught at the California School of Herbal Studies, the Lessons are an amalgamation of the scientific and research techniques of modern herbal studies blended with the rich folkloric heritage of herbalism. The Science and Art of Herbalism has proven an excellent, comprehensive course that teaches the foundations of herbalism.

Module 1 Lesson One
Welcome to Lesson One! In this lesson, you will learn about selecting and storing good-quality herbs, be introduced about the practice of Herbalism, discover herbal treatments for the nervous system and more.
Unit 1 A Letter From Rosemary Gladstar
Unit 2 Lesson One Table of Contents
Unit 3 Introduction to Rosemary Gladstar's Science & Art of Herbalism Online Course
Unit 4 A Little About Your Teacher : Rosemary Gladstar
Unit 5 Begin in the Garden: Interview with Rosemary Gladstar
Unit 6 How The Lessons Are Arranged
Unit 7 Recommended Books & Resources
Unit 8 Build Your Own Apothecary
Unit 9 Where to get Good-Quality Herbal Products
Unit 10 How To Determine Good-Quality Herbs
Unit 11 How to Store Your Good-Quality Herbs for Maximum Shelf Life
Unit 12 An Introduction to Herbalism Chapter One
Unit 13 Herbs or Allopathic Medicine
Unit 14 Herbal Preparation
Unit 15 Herbal Therapeutics for the Nervous System
Unit 16 The Nervous System: An Introduction
Unit 17 Herbs for the Nervous System
Unit 18 Herbal Nervines
Unit 19 Nerve Tonics
Unit 20 Nerve Sedatives
Unit 21 Nervine Demulcents
Unit 22 Nervine Stimulants
Unit 23 Important Herbal Nervines: Skullcap
Unit 24 Important Herbal Nervines: Valerian
Unit 25 Important Herbal Nervines: Hops
Unit 26 Important Herbal Nervines: Oats
Unit 27 Important Herbal Nervines: California Poppy
Unit 28 Important Herbal Nervines: Lemon Balm
Unit 29 Important Herbal Nervines: Chamomile
Unit 30 Important Herbal Nervines: Feverfew
Unit 31 Important Herbal Nervines: Ginseng
Unit 32 Important Herbal Nervines: Gota Kola
Unit 33 Important Herbal Nervines: Gingko
Unit 34 Some Favorite Herbal Nervine Formulas
Unit 35 General Suggestions for a Healthy Nervous System
Unit 36 Specific Health Problems Related to the Nervous System
Unit 37 Headaches: An Overview
Unit 38 Vascular Headaches
Unit 39 Tension Headaches
Unit 40 Migraine Headaches
Unit 41 Insomnia
Unit 42 Neuralgia or Pain
Unit 43 Herpes
Unit 44 Depression
Unit 45 Nervous System: Conclusion
Unit 46 Materia Medica For the Nervous System
Unit 47 Sample Materia Medica
Unit 48 Wild Plant Identification: "St John's Wort"
Unit 49 More on St John's Wort
Unit 50 United Plants Savers ~ Saving our Precious Plant Resources
Unit 51 Lesson One Projects & Assignments