Lesson Six

The Science & Art of Herbalism : Lesson Six


These Lessons were written in response to numerous requests from students who were unable to attend my classes. Organized in much the same manner as the classes I developed and taught at the California School of Herbal Studies, the Lessons are an amalgamation of the scientific and research techniques of modern herbal studies blended with the rich folkloric heritage of herbology. The Science and Art of Herbalism has proven an excellent, comprehensive course that teaches the foundations of herbalism.

Module 6 Lesson Six
Welcome to Lesson Six! In this lesson, you will learn about women's health at all stages of life.
Unit 1 Table of Contents
Unit 2 The Women’s Reproductive System
Unit 3 Herbs For Women's Health
Unit 4 Books on Women's Health
Unit 5 Women's Ceremony and Ritual
Unit 6 Herbs for the Female Reproductive System
Unit 7 General Guidelines for a Healthy Female System
Unit 8 Specific Treatments for Common Health Problems
Unit 9 Pregnancy and Childbirth
Unit 10 Menopause and Croneship
Unit 11 Addendum: The Women’s Reproductive System
Unit 12 Lesson Six Projects & Assignments