Lesson Three

Module 3 Lesson Three
Welcome to Lesson Three! In this lesson, you will learn about herbal preparation, tinctures, the respiratory system, creating a Materia Medica, harvesting herbs and more.
Unit 1 Lesson Three Table Of Contents
Unit 2 Science Versus Art: A Dilemma Unfolding
Unit 3 The Sustainable Herbalist; The Sustainable Life
Unit 4 Herbal Preparation: Tinctures, Liniments, Capsules & Pills
Unit 5 Dr. Kloss’s Famous Disinfecting Liniment
Unit 6 Herbal Therapeutics : The Respiratory System
Unit 7 Addendum: The Respiratory System
Unit 8 Materia Medica for the Respiratory System
Unit 9 When to Treat the Respiratory System
Unit 10 Suggested Programs to Follow During Respiratory Infections
Unit 11 The Fine Art of Drying, Harvesting and Storing Herbs
Unit 12 Herbal Identification: Comfrey (Symphytum officinale)
Unit 13 Creating Effective Herb Formulas for Health & Healing
Unit 14 Lesson Three Projects & Assignments