Rosemary Gladstar’s Notes on Dandelion

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Module 1 Nicole Telkes, Featured Teacher
Nicole Telkes is a practicing clinical herbalist, activist, and educator. Her background is in botanical studies, plant conservation work, community activism and herbal first-aid clinics. Over the last two decades, Nicole traveled around wild and weedy corners of North America, studying and using bioregional native and naturalized medicinal plants. In 2003, she founded the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine, where she continues as the lead teacher and Director . She obtained her credentials as a Registered Herbalist (RH) in 2009 with the American Herbalists Guild. In 2014, she wrote her first book, Medicinal Plants of Texas . She is also a cofounder of Moonflower Herb Fest and Traditions not Trademark. She manages a botanical sanctuary and apiary in her home town of Austin, Texas. In Oct 2019, she and her codefendants won the battle to return the trademarked name "Fire Cider" back to the herbal community. She currently resides between Portland and Austin and offers onsite and online education and wellness checks.
Unit 1 Nicole Telkes, Featured Teacher
Unit 2 Plant Identification for Herbalists
Unit 3 Wildcrafting Ethics and Sustainability
Unit 4 With Special Thanks & To Find Out More About Nicole Telkes