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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Create An Account?

Our website will guide you through creating a user account during the checkout process. Please add your items to your cart and checkout. The website will prompt you to create a username and password. Note that usernames cannot be edited once they are set!

How much time do I have remaining to complete my course?

If you've signed up for a course, you can easily see how much time you have remaining under your My Account > Memberships area.  If you are enrolled in The Science and Art of Herbalism, look for the Expiration Date under the Student membership.

Every Student has three (3) years access to our online campus, course, and materials, with a time frame of up to three years in which to complete the course. At the end of three years, you may opt to purchase another year of online access including homework support.

Do you offer a payment plan on the Home Study Course?

Thank you for your interest in the Science and Art of Herbalism Homestudy Course and for inquiring about the payment plan.   In an effort to provide a payment plan that does not create excessive bookkeeping work for us, which would raise the overall cost of the course, we have devised the following payment plan. The payment plan is available only for the printed version of the Homestudy Course. It is not available for the online course and cannot be combined with any sale prices, but is only for the full priced printed version of the course.


❖ The payment plan consists of breaking the overall tuition of $375 into 3 monthly payments of $125 each plus a one-time $15 shipping fee in the US.

❖ If you've already purchased Lesson 1 for $25 then the first payment would be $100.  Each successive payment will be due at the beginning of the following month until all three payments have been completed.

❖ The Lessons will be sent to you in segments; Lessons 1-4 when we receive the first $125; Lessons 5-7 when we receive the second $125; and Lessons 8-10 when we receive the final payment of $125.   * Be sure when sending in payment for your final lessons to allow extra time to complete these lessons in the allotted time (see above). The final two lessons (Lesson 9 & 10) take longer to complete than the earlier lessons and Lesson 9 includes a personal health protocol that requires at least a one-month time period.

Payment can be made on our website, you can call with a credit card number or send a check with a note stating what you are paying for and your contact information with shipping address.

I sincerely hope this payment plan will enable you to take the course and look forward to hearing from you soon in order that we may begin this wonderful Herbal Journey together.

For further questions, you may email Helen Ward, our Educational Director, at [email protected]


What are the refund policies for the Herbal Home Study Course?

Because we allow people the option to order Lesson One to `sample’ the course, there are no refunds offered once someone signs up for the full program.

What are the primary differences between the "Classic" Printed & Online versions of the course?

The online and printed versions present the same core information. The printed version has the benefit of having the printed binder while the online version includes interactive student forums, Rosemary’s personal plant notes, mini lessons from guest herbalists, and other supplemental materials.

What additional materials will I need to complete the course?

This is a 'hands-on' course and is filled with projects and activities that require making salves, tinctures, and other recipes. None of the herbs or materials needed to make these products are included in the course.

We do supply students with a list of sources where you can purchase the herbs and ingredients needed. We give suggestions for supplemental reference books that our students should consider purchasing, however, so long as they are good herbals, you can use books that you already have.

How much will it cost to purchase the herbs, ingredients and reference books needed to complete the course?

Well, it truly depends on how much of each item you purchase, how many herb books you decide to buy, etc. The minimal amount for the 10 lessons would be around $100 extra for the necessary herbs and materials to complete the projects in each lesson (making tinctures, salves, creams, oils, syrups). If someone is thrifty and knows how to save, and/or grows their own herbs, uses recycled containers, etc., the cost could be less. But if someone was extravagant, the price would be much higher!

Am I an herbalist, and can I get a job, after I finish the course?

We have a number of people who ask us if it's possible to get a job as an herbalist after they finish my home study course.  Well, there are so many levels of answers to that question….  First and foremost, this course is designed for beginner/intermediate students and for people interested in using herbs for personal health care for their families and friends.

If you are planning to become an herbalist and an herbal practitioner, this course provides the foundation and the basic knowledge needed, but it won’t prepare you to go into ‘professional herbal practice.’  However, many of our students apply themselves fully to their studies, do exceptional work, and bring a deep and abiding love of plants to their studies.  These students often create or find jobs working with plants in a number of capacities; working as adjunct counselors, working in herb shops, making products, farming with medicinal plants, and even going into practice if they’ve had previous experience.  Also, many of our students have studied herbalism previously and after they graduate from this course, they go on to study further if they wish to become professional herbalists.  These students have great likelihood of finding jobs because of their previous in-depth knowledge and experience.

So, yes, there are jobs and opportunities out there for herbalists, many of them self-created.  But no one course, especially a home study course, will prepare you for professional practice.  As in any other profession, especially those involving health care, it requires years of study and a heartful lifelong dedication.  With herbalism as with many other health care professionals, an apprenticeship is helpful and/or the opportunity to work in an herbal health clinic under guidance to gain experience.

Wishing you all the very best as you pursue your love of plants and your quest for knowledge.

Green blessings,
Rosemary Gladstar

Will the course make me a Registered/Master Herbalist?

The Science and Art of Herbalism is a wonderful and well-respected course. Students who satisfactorily complete all ten homework assignments receive a lovely certificate for completing the coursework.  However, there is no way that a home study course, no matter how well written, could possibly provide the years of hands-on experience and study required to achieve the title of Master Herbalist. The Science & Art of Herbalism course will provide a very strong foundation on the road to herbal knowledge, but only you will know when you are ready to start working with patients outside of yourself and family.

To get the kind of hands-on practice one needs to open a practice, you really should attend an onsite school, learning directly from teachers and getting clinical practice by working one on one with others in a supervised way. At least, that's what Rosemary suggests. There are schools that do this, some that offer full time programs and others that offer shorter programs for those, like yourself, that already have some training.

You might just wish to take a short-term program that augments what you already know and gives you that invaluable one on one hands on clinical practice.  Schools and programs that you might wish to look into include:  David Winston's Clinical Training program (this course can be taken long distance, but David is actually teaching it in a classroom with students and some long distance learning students are included- although this is the last year he will be the main teacher), Maryland University of Integrative Health (offers full time accredited herbal training programs), The Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, The California School of Herbal Studies, and there are other programs as well.

For more information on becoming a registered herbalist, and other school listings, you may want to look around the American Herbalist Guild or the New England Herbal Association website.

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