Herbs for Winter Health - Live Class Replay

Herbs for Winter Health Live Class Replay

Live Online Class with Rosemary Gladstar

Imagine a winter without catching a cold or a sniffle? Sit back and enjoy this hands-on practical and informative class as Rosemary shares her favorite recipes for winter health!


Herbs for Winter Health with Rosemary Gladstar

Winter is Saturn’s season, a time for reflection and inner creativity. In this class on winter health, we’ll create a space for health and well-being so that we can each embrace the beauty and reflective nature of this wonderful season.

Do you wonder what to do for colds and coughs? What is the best approach for treating flu, sore throats and head congestion? Or seasonal depression? Better yet, what to do to prevent the maladies that often come with the long months of winter? In this practical, informative hands-on class, Rosemary will share her favorite recipes, remedies and herbs for winter health.

Our focus will be first and foremost on prevention, then remedies for wellness and, finally, what to stock in your herbal pantry to be fully prepared for the health concerns of winter. Rosemary is joined by Helen Ward, director of The Science & Art of Herbalism, and together they demonstrate some of Rosemary’s favorite recipes! Detailed handouts and class replay recording are included.

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