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Thyme in the Kitchen with Rosemary Gladstar and Nancy Phillips (Live Class Replay)

Join Rosemary and Nancy for this online class featuring wholesome plant-based recipes from main course to dessert.


Thyme in the Kitchen with Rosemary Gladstar and Nancy Phillips (Live Class Replay)

Eating wholesome, vibrant food cooked at home from scratch is one of the pillars of health and happiness! Join longtime friends and herbalists Rosemary Gladstar and Nancy Phillips as they share their passion for cooking plant-based meals full of life force and, of course, herbs.

In this hands-on class, we’ll share recipes, tidbits and kitchen tips while exploring:

  • The importance of reverence and gratitude for food and its sources
  • Cooking with integrity, using high-quality, nutrient-rich ingredients
  • Efficient meal planning and preparation to save you time and energy
  • Simple, delicious recipes that harness the life force in every ingredient
  • Sensual, intuitive cooking using all your senses, including intuition and presence
  • The power of pausing, offering gratitude, and nourishing body, mind, and spirit

As a special bonus, Rosemary and Nancy will also share their favorite herbal first aid items to have handy in your kitchen!

Love is the secret ingredient in every dish we create. When we work with fresh ingredients and infuse our cooking with love, abundance, and beauty, we elevate our creations and welcome delight to our table.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to spend an entertaining evening with Rosemary and Nancy in the kitchen. Learn to craft mouthwatering salads, hearty main courses, scrumptious sides, and divine desserts – all while basking in the camaraderie of fellow herb enthusiasts. Plus, you’ll receive a detailed handout with all the notes and recipes to cook in your own kitchen.

Transform your kitchen into a sanctuary of love, nourishment, and gratitude with our intimate cooking class. Let’s get cooking!

This is a replay of a live class originally aired on April 18, 2023.

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