Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Healing for Men

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“Rosemary Gladstar’s remarkable, user-friendly guide will help you enjoy greater vitality, virility and longevity”~ David Winston, clinical herbalist and co-author of Adaptogens, Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Release

Announcing the release of Rosemary Gladstar’s newest book

Herbal Healing for Men:Remedies & Recipes

All Copies Signed by Rosemary Gladstar
(Published by Storey Publishing, 2017)

In this brilliantly simple, inspiring and eminently practical book, Rosemary introduces you to herbs, remedies and recipes specific for the male body.  Going on the premise that health care involves self care and that the best insurance is knowledge, Rosemary outlines herbal protocols specifically for men, addressing the most common issues and health challenges they face.   With an emphasize on prevention and using herbs to create and sustain well being, Herbal Healing for Men covers herbs for vitality and endurance, sexual vigor and reproductive health, anxiety and stress relief, prostate health, cardiovascular and heart health, and a host of other relevant topics.   Filled with delicious new recipes and remedies specifically for men!


Herbal Remedies for Men is now available at bookstores, Amazon, and online at for $16.95 (208 pages, Storey Publications, North Adams, Ma).

Rosemary clearly listens to the men in her life; her advice comes from the heart, leading us through the modern maze of nutrition, supplements, herbs and superfoods with precision and humor” ~ Guido Mase’, Clinical Herbalist and author of The Wild Medicine Solution

 This wonderful, kind introduction to herbs can help men remain healthy throughout their lives” ~ Stephen Harrod Buhner, best selling author of Herbal Antibiotics, The Lost Language of Plants, and many other excellent books

From the Back Cover

Boost Your Health Naturally

Increase your energy and vitality with this holistic herbal approach to men’s wellness. Renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar tailors her expertise to address men’s most pressing health concerns, including impotence, heart health, blood pressure, prostate health, and depression. In-depth profiles of 30 herbs explain how to effectively use each to combat ailments both chronic and acute. Diet and lifestyle tips will help you establish healthy long-term habits, while 51 recipes for tonics, salves, sweets, and more guide you in becoming a more active participant in your own health care.

51 simple, tasty, and effective recipes include Fire Cider, Damiana Love Liqueur, Energy Balls, Feverfew-Lavender Migraine Formula, Long Life Elixir, Super Maca Milk Shake, Hawthorn Heart Tonic Honey, and Antifungal Foot Bath.

About the Author

Drawing on her 40-plus years of studying and teaching about the healing properties of herbs, Rosemary Gladstar is the best-selling author of Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide and Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Remedies for Vibrant Health. She is a world-renowned educator, activist, and entrepreneur, serving as director of Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center, the International Herb Symposium, and the Women’s Herbal Conference. Gladstar is founding president of United Plant Savers, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation and preservation of native American herbs. She was the original formulator for Traditional Medicinal herbal teas and currently leads herbal educational adventures around the world. She lives in East Barre, Vermont.

  • Paperback: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC; 2nd Revised ed. edition (June 13, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1612124771
  • ISBN-13: 978-1612124773
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1 review for Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Healing for Men

  1. JewishOrchard (verified owner)

    I ordered this book a couple months ago. I have only skimmed through it and read a few things that I found extremely informative. I let my sister and her husband borrow it for now. But there are things that made sense about some of my guy friends from the military, who were going through some issues and after reading only a few things in this book I was like, “wow, if only I knew this when my friends were going through the testosterone issues and depression issues, I may have been able to help guide them to better options that might help them out”. I already told one friend about the book and he ordered one as well after reading through mine. Its a simplified book to where it doesn’t overwhelm you but its just enough to inform and guide you to herbs that can have a positive impact on your life, if you are willing to give them a try. At my work we started making the ” Fire Cider” and its amazing tasting and feeling going through the body. Thank you so much Rosemary for all the passion you have put into this book and much more, and I cant wait to continue learning about herbs and their benefits.

    • Helen Ward

      Warm herbal greetings, Karman.
      We are so thankful that you are a part of our online herbal community and that you have found Rosemary and her book! She is such a gift to so many of us. I will pass this on to her, I know it will be honey to her heart!

      • Helen Ward

        Thank you for such positive feedback. It warms my heart and also helps affirm for me personally my reason for writing this book. I do feel we need more information out there about and for our menfolk, and this book is just another step on the way to help men embrace proactive ‘self care’ for greater physical and emotional well being. thank you!
        With love,

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