Rosemary’s Remedies (Video Series)

Rosemary Gladstar has been inspiring herbalists for nearly 40 years. Through her books, courses, conferences, products, schools and organizations she has created, Rosemary has inspired a generation of herbalists. The cornerstone of Rosemary’s herbal recipes has been her creativity.
Module 1 Remedies
Rosemary’s Remedies give you exciting, effective and great tasting recipes that inspire you WHILE you “learn your scales.”
Unit 1 Herbal Pills: Ginger Balls  
Unit 2 Herbal Pills: Throat Balls  
Unit 3 Deep Sleep Tincture  
Unit 4 Dr. Kloss’s Famous Disinfecting Liniment  
Unit 5 Fire Cider  
Unit 6 Honey Onion Syrup  
Module 2 Nourishment
Unit 1 Everyone’s Favorite Root Beer  
Unit 2 Chaga Chai Latte  
Unit 3 Kava Chai  
Unit 4 Antioxidant Herb Sprinkles  
Unit 5 Sprinkles For the Heart  
Unit 6 Medicinal Basil Pesto  
Unit 7 Gypsy Cold Care Tea  
Unit 8 Sweet Surrender Tea Blend  
Unit 9 Chia Seed Pudding  
Module 3 Body Care
Body Care
Unit 1 Rosemary’s Famous Face Cream  
Unit 2 Warming Cinnamon Herbal Salts for the Bath  
Unit 3 Peppermint Tooth Powder & Herbal Dental Care  
Unit 4 Lavender Antiseptic & Calming Spritzer  
Unit 5 Brown Sugar Scrub  
Unit 6 Magical Cleansing Miracle Grains  
Module 4 Build Your Own Apothecary
Get a video tour of Rosemary’s personal apothecary at Sage Mountain. However, building a huge apothecary like Rosemary’s is not the point. Rosemary teaches you how to start making your own apothecary based on your herbal needs and the actual space you have in your home. Your apothecary will grow over time, and you can start today with a kitchen drawer and a box of tea.
Unit 1 Build Your Own Apothecary  

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