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Rosemary’s Recommendations for Building Your Immunity during Covid

Dearest Friends & Herbal Students, Summer Greetings! As the sun reaches its heights and warms the earth with its radiance, we are reminded of the ever-spiraling seasons of life and the powers of the seasons to transform and renew. Summer time represents the season of rapid growth, of childhood and playfulness, vitality and fullness. The …

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Herbal Dreams

The moon is full in all her glory this night. Each month as she ripens to her fullness I’m filled with dream and vision. Sometimes it seems as if my soul will burst. If I do not listen to her, the Moon Mother, then I feel heavy, thick and weighted by ‘ordinary things.’I sleep beneath …

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Echinacea Root & Herb Echinacea

Using Echinacea: Echinacea is certainly one of the most popular herbs of our times, and for good reason. It is simply one of the top immuno enhancing (helps build immune health and fight off disease and infection). It is quite lovely, easy to grow, hearty, and, though incredibly effective, it is known to have few if any side effects or residual build up in the body. It can be grown easily in most garden settings, adding not only beauty, but medicine as well.

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