Master Plants, Healing, and Hummingbirds: An Intimate Conversation with Rocío Alarcón ~ Voices of our Herbal Elders Ep. 5

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Rocío Alarcón - Voices of our Herbal Elders Ep. 5
On the left: Young Rocío Alarcón and on the right: Elder Rocío Alarcón

Join me as I dive into a profound conversation with the passionate herbalist, ethnobotanist, and shaman Rocío Alarcón. From the heart of Ayahuasca traditions to the symbolic grace of hummingbirds, we traverse a journey that underscores the importance of protecting our ancestral traditions against the challenges of globalization. Explore the harmonious connection between nature and humanity in this heart-opening episode of “Voices of our Herbal Elders.”

Don’t miss these highlights from the conversation:

Globalization and Ayahuasca

The impact of globalization on traditional Ayahuasca practices, leading to the erosion of local knowledge. Rocío’s insights into the different species of Ayahuasca and the rich biodiversity it represents.

The Symbolism of Hummingbirds

How hummingbirds represent healing, transformation, and connection to nature. Their role in spiritual ceremonies and their influence in Rocío’s teachings.

Evolution of Ancestral Knowledge

Striking a balance between preserving ancient wisdom and adapting to modern changes, particularly in terminology and practices.

Master Plants and Healing

The importance of ‘master plants’ in traditional medicine and the profound healing they offer.

Conservation and Community

Initiatives at the IAMOE Center, the commitment to both spiritual growth and nature conservation, and the emphasis on community collaboration.

“[On] the globalization of the ayahuasca. What is happening with the globalization? We are losing the local knowledge. That incredible wisdom. Why? Because the local people want to prepare only that beverage because [of tourism].”

May the past, present, and future of herbalism come alive in this insightful exchange.

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About Rocío Alarcón

An ethnopharmacologist, ethnobotanist, and extraordinary teacher and healer within a lineage of traditional healing, Rocίo Alarcón has over 30 years of fieldwork and research experience working with indigenous communities in the Andes and Amazon regions of Ecuador. She received her Doctorate of Philosophy-Ethnopharmacology from University College London. 

Rocίo has worked tirelessly over the past 3 decades to build the Iamoe Center, protect the rainforest, preserve and promote ancestral knowledge, and support local indigenous communities around the Iamoe Center and throughout Ecuador. She specializes in plants as food and medicine, particularly healing ceremonies and master plants, and is regularly invited to be a keynote speaker at events around the world.

Connect with Rocίo Alarcón on the IAMOE website, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

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