Exploring the Mysteries of Plant Medicine with Karyn Sanders: Insights from a Teacher’s Teacher ~ Voices of our Herbal Elders Ep. 4

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Karyn Sanders - Voices of our Herbal Elders Ep. 4
On the left: Young Karyn Sanders and on the right: Elder Karyn Sanders

In this enlightening episode of Voices of our Herbal Elders, I delve deep into the world of plant medicine with renowned herbalist Karyn Sanders, a teacher’s teacher and co-founder of Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine. Tune in to explore the profound wisdom that Karyn shares as she discusses her journey with plants, the significance of deep listening, and the transformative power of embracing fear. Discover the magic of connecting with plants, and how they can guide us on a spiritual journey towards self-discovery and growth.

Don’t miss these highlights from the conversation:

The Power of Deep Listening

Karyn, a teacher’s teacher, emphasizes the importance of not only asking plants for their medicine but also allowing them to show us the way. Deep listening and cultivating a genuine relationship with plants are key aspects of her herbal practice.

Choosing Fear

Rosemary and Karyn discuss the idea that fear is an integral part of life. They encourage embracing the kind of fear that leads to personal growth and transformation, rather than being held back by it.

Spiritual Connection

Karyn touches on the spiritual and transformative qualities of plant medicine. She highlights that all plants, not just hallucinogenic ones, have the potential to take us on a spiritual journey and expand our consciousness.

Personal Growth

The interview touches upon the idea that personal growth often involves facing challenges and confronting fear. Karyn shares her own experiences of growth, including times when she had to give up things of great value to her.

“You can't not have pain or fear in your life; it's part of life. So, you need to choose the right ones—you need to choose the right fear of growing or the pain of growing and not go through the ones that don't lead you anywhere.”

May the past, present, and future of herbalism come alive in this insightful exchange.

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About Karyn Sanders

Karyn Sanders has worked with plants for most of her life. She was first trained in Native American traditional plant medicine by her grandmother. In her mid-teens she apprenticed with a Mexican curandera and has subsequently studied with various traditional teachers as well as Western herbalists.

Karyn has been teaching and practicing herbal medicine from an energetic perspective for over 42 years. Karyn co-founded the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine in 2003. She also created, produced and hosted The Herbal Highway, a radio show (and now a podcast) that has aired weekly since 1997 on KPFA, 94.1FM out of Berkeley, California.

Connect with Karyn Sanders on the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine website, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

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Paula Walsh
1 month ago

I love listening to the herbal highway this was a great episode thank you

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