Discover the Roots: Sara Katz on Passion, Plants, and Healing ~ Voices of our Herbal Elders Ep. 3

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Sara Katz - Voices of our Herbal Elders
On the left: Young Sara Katz and on the right: Elder Sara Katz

In this third episode of Voices of our Herbal Elders, I am honored to introduce the enchanting Sara Katz—co-founder of Herb Pharm, the leading maker of liquid herbal extracts in the United States, and former president of United Plant Savers.

In this captivating conversation, Sara, the spirited co-founder of Herb Pharm, unfurls the tapestry of her herbal journey, sparkling with challenges embraced as opportunities, deep connections with plants, and tales of collaboration with other herbal enthusiasts.

This is an intimate garden of stories, a space where the seeds of Sara’s undying commitment to quality and sustainable herbal practices are shared with joy and profound insight. Listen, laugh, and learn with me as Sara’s story takes root in your mind, inspiring you with the lush, potent beauty of her life’s work in the herbal community.

Tune in for these captivating highlights from our conversation:

  • Sara’s awakening to the enchanting world of herbs and her pivotal role in the herb business
  • Co-founding Herb Pharm: The inception, mission, and the delightful surprises along the way
  • Sara’s heartfelt involvement with United Plant Savers (UpS) and her reflections on its enduring impact and promising future
  • Honoring Elders: Remembering influential herbalists of yesteryears
  • Sara’s evolution from an entrepreneur to a wise, nurturing advocate and educator in the herbal world
  • Sara’s joyous view on challenges, seeing them as precious opportunities in disguise

“I see opportunities more than I see challenges. I see this whole journey as a life gift. I'm just overwhelmed with gratitude for the path that has chosen me and that I was lucky enough to walk on.”

May the past, present, and future of herbalism come alive in this insightful exchange.

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About Sara Katz

For over 45 years Sara Katz has thrived amidst the forested mountains and wild plants of southern Oregon. There she co-founded and developed the company Herb Pharm and continues to consult and serve on Herb Pharm’s board of directors. Involved with United Plant Savers since its beginning, Sara served as UpS board president for 9 years.

Sara remains dedicated to her lifelong passions for all things wild, medicinal plants in particular, and taking care of plants, people and our precious planet.

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1 month ago

too much Echoe in your guests mike.
Sorry, can’t understand what she is saying.

Lori Mills
1 month ago

This podcast is such a gem! Thank you, dear Rosemary 🙂

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