Herbal Dreams

The moon is full in all her glory this night. Each month as she ripens to her fullness I’m filled with dream and vision. Sometimes it seems as if my soul will burst. If I do not listen to her, the Moon Mother, then I feel heavy, thick and weighted by ‘ordinary things.’I sleep beneath the moon in her fullness and bathe in that magic light. It is true, I am moon-struck, a child of Artemis, dreamer of dreams. And I feed that aspect of my being, that Lunar crazy, free side of myself, so that she will not starve or fade away in the trials of daily life.

It is to Luna, seeking dreams in myself, that I make my moon teas, offer my ceremonies and rituals, and find courage to live my dreams.

When the moon is full as she is tonight, suspended on the horizon unworldly beauty, I am reminded of the Dreamers Time. I wish to share with you some of this Herbalists special tools to awaken the Dreamer. Try them when the moon beckons to you or the Dreamer wishes to sing out.

Dream Pillow

Old as time, these pillows were made of special herbs to enhance the dreamer’s dreams. Dream pillows have been used for centuries and are just as popular today as they were in long ago times. They are fragrant and soothing and comforting to the lover of herbs. What better way to get to know herbs but to sleep with them! A most fragrant way to drift to sleep, to end a day or begin another, formulas for dream pillows are as varied as the dreams they inspire.

Here is one of my favorites:

2 parts lavender           2 parts roses
1 part chamomile         2 parts mugwort
1/2 part hops               1 part rosemary

Pillows are usually sewn into 8″ X 8″ or 4″ X 4″ squares and placed under or near your pillow when sleeping. Use natural fabric such as cotton velvet, silk, or muslim. It is best to ruffle it a little before sleeping as it releases the scents and energies. Mix the herbs together. Many people like to scent them with essential oils. When I sold them in my herb store I generally scented them for marketing purposes. But, in truth, I prefer them unscented. The natural scent of the herbs is what excites and inspires dreams. If you do decide to scent your dream mix, use pure essential oils that are harmonious to the basic herbal blend. For instance, use Lavender, Rose, Chamomile, or Mugwort Essential oil.

When I am out camping, I love to take fresh mugwort, the dreamers herb, crush it and place it in my sleep it is wonderfully energetic and gives me flying dreams…

Dream away. . .

Dreamer’s Tea

This is a favorite blend to sip and savor, to awaken the dreamer and dream within. Sip slowly before bed and keep your dream journal handy!

1 part roses
1/2 part lavender
1/2 to 1 part mugwort (the more the better the effects, but it’s a very bitter herb)
3 parts chamomile
2 parts chrysanthemum blossoms
2 parts peppermint

* Infuse

Dream Balm

This is a favorite anointing balm. It is made exactly the same as a salve with the addition of essential oils. Massage it into your temples, the top of your neck and on your heart chakra before bedtime.

4 ounces coconut oil
1 ounce almond oil
beeswax (just enough to thicken)
A few drops sandalwood oil
A few drops mugwort essential oil
A few drops vanilla oil
A few drops sage oil

* You can, of course, formulate your own blend of essential oils for dreaming (see information on Aromatherapy).

First melt coconut oil, almond oil and beeswax together. Add essential oils to scent. Try blending the oils into pungent/sweet fragrance. Other oils may be used instead of those listed above. You may also infuse herbs such as borage, lavender, chamomile, sage, rosemary and roses into the melted coconut/almond oil. Be inventive! That’s what DREAMS are about.

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