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Lavender Hair Mask (etc)

Herb of the Week: Lavender

As mentioned in previous posts, my love affair with lavender is somewhat recent. Before this year I had always associated the herb with pain of sunburn and trouble sleeping from an early age – not the best start to a relationship. Since then, however, my taste and knowledge about the herb has changed and I find new reasons to love it all the time.

Lavender Lemonade and Poundcake - by Gale LaScala

In Love With Lavender

We’ll take a short break from our travels and enjoy the last of the lavender until the small autumn crop. In this following article, there are food recipes which require just a pinch or so of the very flavorful lavender. The article is from The Essential Herbal, July/Aug 2009.

Spiral Weave Lavender Wands

Spiraled lavender wands

Back in 2007, I posted this illustrated tutorial on making lavender wands: and since that time, there are many others on-line.

Lavender Wands

Making Lavender Wands

Every year we enjoy this craft at The Essential Herbal. It isn’t new, and I have no idea where it first came from, but I first saw it in Phyllis Shaudys’ book Herbal Treasures. They make nice drawer sachets, and sweet little tie-ons for gifts. Besides, it is such a pleasant way to spend an hour or so in the garden.