Lesson Two Projects & Assignments

These Lessons were written in response to numerous requests from students who were unable to attend my classes. Organized in much the same manner as the classes I developed and taught at the California School of Herbal Studies, the Lessons are an amalgamation of the scientific and research techniques of modern herbal studies blended with the rich folkloric heritage of herbology. The Science and Art of Herbalism has proven an excellent, comprehensive course that teaches the foundations of herbalism.

Module 2 Lesson Two
Welcome to Lesson Two! In this lesson, you will discover beverage blends, oils and salves, herbal treatments for skin problems, herbal treatments for liver imbalances and more.
Unit 1 Lesson Two Table of Contents
Unit 2 Beverage Blends: The Art of Making a Great Cup of Tea
Unit 3 Sweet Surrender Tea Blend
Unit 4 How to Create Beverage Blends
Unit 5 Kava Chai
Unit 6 The Man Who Planted Hope
Unit 7 Terminology Used to Describe the Medical Action of Herbs
Unit 8 How to Determine Measurements for This Course
Unit 9 Herbal Preparation: Herbal Oils
Unit 10 Herbal Preparation: Salves, Ointments & Balms
Unit 11 Solvents
Unit 12 Herbal First Aid: Skin Problems & What to do about Them
Unit 13 Herbal Therapeutics for the Liver
Unit 14 Everyone's Favorite Root Beer
Unit 15 Hayfever & Allergies
Unit 16 Metabolism, The Liver & Herbs
Unit 17 Spring Cleaning for the Body: Cleansing Through Herbs, Diet and Fasting
Unit 18 Wild Plant Identification: Mullein
Unit 19 The Art of Harvesting Herbs
Unit 20 Lesson Two Projects & Assignments